CD Review: EYES WIDE OPEN 8.5 out of 10
This CD ... is full of some very cool rock, swirled with a blues sensibility at times and tons of great riffs, vocals, and cadence. .......... This is a cool disc that will fit into most rock collections, including mine, quite nicely. [Read More...]
"EYES WIDE OPEN" - Klear Record Release Party - The Tralf Music Hall - Buffalo, NY - Sat Apr 4, 2015
I have my ears, heart and eyes wide open for this band. I have had the pleasure to hear this band a few times, but Saturday night, Klear took the stage to give us a taste of their new music, their first record in 11 years. After just a few notes of War, I knew that everyone should hear this band. I literally started calling out my friends to come see them. I interview a lot of musicians, give a lot of reviews, see a lot of concerts and listen to a lot of music in general. I have to say that the charisma and personality pours out of all these band members into their music, they give a true meaning to “Music for Life”. [Read More...]