CD Review: EYES WIDE OPEN 8.5 out of 10

This CD was unexpected and came along with another disc I ordered from Lions Pride - and I am really glad it did!  This disc is full of some very cool rock, swirled with a blues sensibility at times and tons of great riffs, vocals, and cadence.  Opener "Best Of Me" delivers with chugging riffs and bluesy vocals that carry the tune (and a lot of the disc).  The tempo is solid and well supported by the rhythm section, with the drums and bass each taking turns shining in the mix.  "Don't Know Where I'm Going Yet" starts off with a thumping bottom end thanks to the bass lines, but soon a melodic guitar swirls in and joins the fray.  Once the smoky vocals kick in, this track takes on a cool rock vibe that weaves itself into the song.  "All On Me" opens with a cool acoustic guitar that is accompanied by drums that have a stripped back sound.  Once the chorus arrives, the song gets a little push, but remains in a cool acoustic rock vibe, even when electric guitar solos are thrown onto the bridge.


Title track "Eyes Wide Open" brings more blues guitar to the mix with a rock vibe.  The vocals combine nicely with the rest of the musical components, but the layered background vocals at the chorus add depth to the song.  The guitars and keyboards / organ work together to deliver a smooth rock groove that gets the foot tapping.  "Long Way Down" is another acoustically styled track that benefits from added punch at the chorus.  The song gets a lift from the swirl of keyboards and guitar that drive the track while the bass and drums keep the song from running away with itself.  "Restless" is a gem that has a catchy vocal and simple guitars that thicken when the rhythm section kicks in.  The chorus has a full sound thanks to the vocals, while the guitars ramp up the bridge with a cool solo.  This is a cool disc that will fit into most rock collections, including mine, quite nicely.


‚ÄčTracklisting: Best Of Me - Don't Know Where I'm Going Yet - Eyes Wide Open - All On Me - Long Way Down - Restless

Todd "Toddstar" Jolicoeur